Covid 19 Response & Resources

RESPONSE // A note from Pastor Cara

Dear Precious Ones,

Our work has changed so rapidly in these last weeks.

• Schools are canceled.
• Kids are grieving not seeing their teachers and friends.
• Teachers are grieving not seeing the students and co-workers.
• For some, work is now not an option if their work has closed.
• Some have to work from home.
• Some have to work from home AND homeschool kids.
• Some are home worried about their health, well being, and future.  

These are difficult days.  So, what does that mean for us as the church?  Before I go into the details of what church will look like for the immediate future, the lyrics from the song, “No Longer Slaves to Fear” have resonated with me in these days.  Particularly the line that says:

You split the sea
So I could walk right through it
My fears were drowned in perfect love
You rescued me
And I will stand and sing
I am the child of God

"My fears were drowned in perfect love."  You know what the word drown means, right? It means something dies in the water by not being able to breathe.  So, think about it.  Our FEARS cannot survive in the perfect love of God.

Do we need to grieve what we knew to be normal?
YES! It is right and appropriate to grieve.

It is okay to be confused or upset with our current situation?
YES! Those feelings are normal.

Is it okay to be worried about what the future holds especially for those who are more vulnerable to this virus?
YES! It is okay to feel those worries.

It is okay to feel all those things.  I just want to also encourage you to hold in tension the fact that God loves you, cares for you, and is walking through all of this with you.  The perfect love of God is capable of drowning our fears.

Rest in God’s perfect love today.  When you being to feel overwhelmed, and it will come, breathe deeply three times and remember the perfect love of God drowns out our fears.

I love you all SO much and it is so hard to not be with you all in person, but we will get through this.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Cara

Responding in Love

If you are either in need of help in this time or would like to be of help click on the buttons below.

Willing and Able to HelpIn Need of Help

We are a part of the Church of the Nazarene and as such we support Nazarene Compassionate Ministries who are working hard to respond to the COVID 19 Crisis both locally and globally.  If you would like to give to NCM, click the button below.


If you would like to give to our local fund where we are helping provide financial assistance to those in need you can give directly to the Love Fund here:

Love Fund


We will update this area frequently with helpful resources in regards to COVID19.  Here are some helpful links below.

From the city of Shawnee:

The most critical needs right now are:
-cloth masks*
2-donations to local charities helping to respond to those with the greatest needs. (Ex. Shawnee Community Services, United Way, Harvesters etc.)
3-blood donations, American Red Cross is in dire need of blood donations.  More information here.
4-donating specific items:

Shawnee Community Services is asking for:

• diapers sizes 5, ; baby wipes
• dish soap and laundry soap
• toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant.
• Money for $20 gasoline assistance or QT gift cards

Food: canned meats: especially chicken, pork n beans, chicken/tuna salad kits, cracker sandwiches, protein or cereal bars, pop top can fruit or fruit cups.  They also will receive non perishable food deliveries at their location from HyVee, Walmart or others if preferred.

Make your Own

Our Fire Department initially passed along this request for masks to go to the county for all emergency responders.  We would now like to stock up for Shawnee first responders and other staff (Public Works, Parks Dept. who are still out and about and may come into contact with others).  If you have extra masks, or wish to make more, or wish to make a few for the first time it all counts and helps!

If you have masks to donate, please email the office at

Helpful websites on how to make masks: